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  1. I have just bought a copy of Sri Gurazada Apparao’s complete works, GURUZADALU, which is a wonderful compilation of all his writings. I wish to thank you for the immense contribution you are making to keep the writers of the past alive and available to the current generation. I am interested in obtaining copies of your collected works of Sri Raavi Sastry and Beena Devi. Grateful if you could let me know how I might obtain these publications – I am based in Kakinada and the local bookshops (including Visaalandhra) do not have copies of your publications, which means I shall need to order copies of the abovementioned publications by post.

    Do please give me the details, including costs, postal charges and the address to which the cheque will need to be sent so I can arrange the same as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  2. To
    Shyam Narayana,
    Manasu Foundation.

    Respected Sir,
    You’re works on Rachakonda Viswanadha sastry are excellent. Sir, I am pursing my M. tech in Infromation Technology branch, Sir I am doing my Masters project on Telugu on “Keyword Extraction from telugu Text document” . Sir will you please mail me soft copies of few stories of”Yenda, Lakshmi, O Manchivadi Kadha, Balla Chakka, Pipilikam” by Rachakonda Viswanadha Sastry Rachana Sagaram.

    Joseph Kannat Raj

  3. Dear Manasu Foundation Members,

    Greetings. My name is Sambaiah Gundimeda. I am a faculty at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. I am writing on behalf of Amaravathi Centre for the Study of Democracy [ACSD], Guntur. Following the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, some of us felt the need for unbiased research centre to study the socio-economic, political and cultural happening in the Telugu states, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. So we have registered [Reg.No. 298/2016] Amaravathi Centre for the Study of Democracy last year and we are in the process of setting up of the Centre. We have rented a flat in Nallapadu towards this purpose also. There are two reasons why I am writing this mail to you.
    First, the Centre is developing its library and we would like to have all your publications. We are aware that you are publishing those good works for a reason, and so we are happy to pay all the costs.
    Second, the Centre to do not have any financial resources. We are putting our own money and some help from friends. The Centre is in its formative years, so we would be really grateful if you could help the Centre in any manner – monetary support, support in terms of infrastructure, such as computers, tables, chairs and so on. The Centre’s objectives and bank account details are in the following.
    We would be grateful if you could pay some attention to our request.
    Thank you very much and best wishes
    Sambaiah Gundimeda

    Amaravathi Centre for Study of Democracy

    The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on 02 June, 2014 provided new opportunities as well as challenges to both new States, especially the former. The capital city, Hyderabad, and other administrative and infrastructural facilities remaining in Telangana territory compelled Andhra Pradesh to build and develop a capital city and other administrative institutions and facilities in its territory. These new requirements along with the new policies and programmes initiated by the government of Andhra Pradesh coupled with the rapid urbanization of the essentially rural communities and localities are expected to bring everlasting changes and transform the face and pace of Andhra Pradesh and its people forever. The Amaravathi Centre for the Study of Democracy (ACSD), or simply the Centre, through its research and publications is essentially aimed at capturing the new dynamics, changes and transformations in the State. It also aims at critically examining the policies and programmes undertaken by the government and advocate, if necessary, alternative policies and programmes for the development of the State and Society in Andhra Pradesh. Although initially the Centre confines its research and advocacy activities to the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, gradually it aims to widen the scope of its activities throughout India.

    Objectives of the Centre
    Two primary objectives of the Centre are to undertake research on various facets of the Telugu states and advocate ideas that promote democracy, sustainable development, equity, equality and justice in the Telugu country. Towards this end the Centre:
    (i) Undertakes research on the State and governments in both the Telugu states.
    (ii) Study the policies and programmes initiated by the governments and undertakes research on the implementation of those programmes and their effect on the society in general and marginalized groups in specific. It also,
    (A) Undertakes research on the policy process in the context of globalization and liberalization and specifically with regard to the State capacity vis-a-vis the different classes, especially the marginalized groups and the different aspects of development and welfare;
    (B) Undertakes research on the spaces and opportunities available to the marginalized within policy processes and what is happening to them in the context of liberalization.
    (iii) Undertakes research on the political processes, political parties and elections.
    (iv) Conducts research on the demands – of political, economical, social and cultural – placed by various castes and communities in the Telugu country.
    (v) To organize lectures, seminars and conferences on socio-political, economic and cultural aspects from time to time. The Centre also aims to develop itself as the major resource centre for the study of Telugu States over a period of time.
    (vi) To foster academic contacts within and outside India through change of personnel and research materials. It also collaborates with Institutions engaged in similar activities in India and abroad with a view to further the aims and objectives of the Centre.
    (vii) To undertake and promote publications – both in Telugu and English – of books, manuscripts, periodicals and papers out of the research and studies carried out by the Centre.
    (viii) To disseminate the information and create awareness regarding the Government policies, programmes and schemes, such as legal-aid, scholarships, loans and various grants for the welfare and development of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes and other weaker sections of the society.
    (ix) To obtain or accept grants, subscriptions, donations, gifts, bequests from Government, Corporations, Trusts or any other institutions, organizations and persons for the purpose of the Centre.
    (x) To make rules, regulations and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Centre and to add to, vary or rescind the same from time to time.

    Please support the Centre
    Name of the Account—- Amaravathi Centre for the Study of Democracy
    Account No————— 0366 111 0000 1787
    Bank Address ———— Andhra Bank, Mangalagiri Branch, Branch Code: 000 366,
    7-13, Guntur Road, Mangalagiri, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
    IFS Code —————— ANDB0000366; MICR Code ————— 520011302


  4. మనసు ఫౌండేషన్ వారికి నమస్కారం,
    మీరు ప్రచురించిన రాచకొండ విశ్వనాథ శాస్ర్తీ గారి కథా సంపూటాలు దొరకడం లేదు,దయచేసి ఎక్కడ దొరకగలవో చెప్తారని ఆశిస్తున్నాను.


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